Optyma Aquired by SDIPTECH


We are very pleased to announce that Optyma has joined the international engineering group, SDIPTECH. The acquisition agreement, signed on 11th January 2018, will preserve and enhance Optyma’s business for years to come.

 We are confident that this change will benefit Optyma, as it provides additional opportunities for growth, without changes to our business.

 Optyma’s services, of providing CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Alarms, Gates and Barriers and Fire Detection Systems, will remain unchanged, and the company will continue to run as it did previously, with Graham Pollard remaining as Managing Director, and John Fitzgerald as Director. Optyma’s Management teams and workforce also remain unchanged.

Optyma were one of 300 European companies initially contacted by SDIPTECH in 2017, and one of only six that met their criteria. We are excited to belong to the SDIPTECH group, as having them as a parent company, improves our position today, but secures all of our tomorrows.


Business as usual for Optyma.

 The SDIPTECH business model is based on the understanding that every business leader should have responsibility to run their business independently. Being close to customers and maintaining the flexibility to tailor solutions and act on events in the business environment are critical for any successful niched company.

All Optyma’s current clients, and our commitment to each, to deliver on our promises, company details and points of contact remain the same, as do our uniform, logos, telephone numbers, emails, website, bank details, VAT registration and company number.


Jakob Holm, CEO, Sdiptech, comments:

"Optyma is our first acquisition in London and the UK, in line with Sdiptech's strategy to extend the Group's offer to additional growing cities in Europe. Optyma's offer is well positioned to meet growing demand for security solutions in society. Through Optyma, we also take our first step into building automation, a growing niche market within our focus on urban infrastructure."


Who are Sdiptech?

SDIPTECH is based in Stockholm, Sweden and listed on the Baltic NASDAQ. The group acquires niche engineering businesses that contribute to urban infrastructure. SDIPTECH operations are conducted according to a decentralised model; each individual business has its own deep niche and autonomy to develop its offering and benefit from having a well-resourced parent company and the opportunities it creates, without affecting the individual company structure through which success has already been achieved.


SDIPTECH have a focus on acquiring niche, well-managed businesses and have continuously completed successful acquisitions of entrepreneur-led companies since inception in 2004

Their annual profits through acquisitions reached £12M in 2017

Companies are selected for consistent operating margins together with inherent capabilities to grow.

 Through non-invasive synergies additional revenue streams can be added whilst maintaining the core business of each individual company.


John Fitzgerald & Graham Pollard, Optyma Security Systems Limited, comments:

 "Through Sdiptech, we enter a new phase in the development of the company. With the help of a long-term owner such as Sdiptech, we can continue to increase our service offering and expand our business."