National Apprenticeship Week


Its National apprenticeship week. 

This week is all about the apprentices, introducing you to our newbies and them telling us how they feel about starting their new career path. 

From office based to on-site engineering, apprentices at Optyma play a vital role in developing and expanding our business. 

We invest a lot in our apprentices providing full support and guidance to those looking to embark on a long-term career within the electronic security industry.

During our recent 2016/17 intake of apprentices, we welcomed seven new members to our team, working on security systems projects across the UK within the Rail, utilities, and NHS sectors of our business.

Meet the apprentices

Here some of our new apprentices talk about their experiences of the scheme and how they feel about starting their new career path.


‘’I applied for an apprenticeship because I was not enjoying my time at sixth form, I decided to start afresh, by applying for an apprenticeship matching my interests and abilities. I was impressed by with the size and stature of Optyma and the possibilities for a successful career.

I feel that I am getting along very well with my new role.  I have gained many skills which I never had, ranging from specific technical skills which I can now complete on my own, to social skills gained from interacting with many people with completely different personalities and traits.

My main challenge when I first started my apprenticeship was having to grasp the transition from a school environment to a full time working environment, which at first was a bit daunting, however I managed to overcome the transition and now feel capable of overcoming any challenges I face during my time here.'' 


'’I wanted to apply for an apprenticeship that involved technology as this has always been something that has always interested me, and by doing an apprenticeship I can learn whilst getting experience of how these systems work in practice as well as the theory that goes with the systems that we install and maintain.  

I was interested in the apprenticeship as soon as I read the job description and had done more research into security systems and how they work. I was also interested in the many different training possibilities would become available to me which is defiantly a big bonus to someone who is beginning their career.  

I’m very much enjoying my time at Optyma and the role I have been placed in. Every day is different and just as interesting. I’ve been on a number of sites and have experience a number of different systems. If I am ever unsure of anything or don’t fully understand then there is always an opportunity to ask my mentor or ask someone who has experience and they are always very understanding and happy to teach me''.


'’I applied for an apprenticeship because I felt I needed a trade that I could learn and then use for my working career, instead of going into something and not really gaining anything out of it.

Im really enjoying what I'm doing at the moment and feel like I am learning quickly about the challenges of the job.  I now feel that I have a good understanding of most things that are going on. The main challenge I face is getting something wrong and then practicing to get it right next time, the urge to improve drives you on to get better''.