Optyma Sustainability


Sustainability is a word that relates to the way companies manage their environmental, social and financial responsibilities towards society as a whole. These three elements are collectively referred to as the ‘Triple Bottom Line’.

Sustainability impacts upon companies in different ways – it certainly isn’t the case that one cap fits all. Optyma as a medium company rightly pride themselves in the manner in which they have implemented sustainability throughout the company and placed it firmly in the forefront of the company’s focus. It is no surprise that this has been a major reason for the company’s continuous growth over the past few years.

Optyma’s path towards sustainability commenced in 2008 with a management driven initiative desire to set in place the processes and procedures required to meet the BS8555 Environmental Management Systems standards. The company’s environmental management system has since been improved upon to meet the externally audited ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards that they are currently accredited to.

Optyma are Silver Award Tier 2 members of the ‘Supply Chain Sustainability School’, and have been since its creation. As members Optyma complete ongoing assessments of the company’s sustainability on a regular basis.

This has seen sustainability policy and procedures set in place that compliments the existing environmental management system.

Optyma’s approach to sustainability is based upon the kaizen principle of continuous improvement. Some of the improvements have led: -

  • Environmental
    • A reduction of the company’s carbon footprint by recording accurate data, educating staff in current environmental matters, investing in more fuel efficient vehicles, and making greater use of developing technology

  • Social Responsibility & financial
    • The employing of staff living local to where the company operates.
    • Led since 2012 to the creation of fifteen Administrative and Security Engineer apprentice positions mainly for out of work school leavers.
    • The donation of equipment to local causes such as MIND and making financial one off donations to various charities
    • Sourcing wherever possible of specialist equipment from locally based approved suppliers

Optyma’s sustainability is an on-going process that is designed to build and improve upon the existing sustainability culture.